Ideas for New Writing Projects

This is sort of an exploratory, thinking-out-loud post. I haven't really had a writing project since doing the SFPC blog almost two years ago. I moved to NYC to write more, but I've spent most of my time here freelancing, having panic attacks about how I'm going to afford to live here, and just kind of living, trying to enjoy my time here.

I'm moving away soon, and I'll have more time to write. In this post I'll ruminate on what I might write about, and how.

I do a lot of different things. Right now, my current interests include:

  • Mushrooms – Eating them, their medicinal uses, mycoremediation. My mind has been taken overly completely by fungimania.
  • Performing as a solo singer/guitar-player – In April, I played Sunday afternoons at a bar, and recently just played as part or a performance art happening in a park in Brooklyn. The ultimate goal here is to write songs and gig, but the songwriting has been slow goings. I'll keep trying until it takes.
  • Cryptocurrency – As we've been in a bear market since late December, my enthusiasm here has cooled significantly. I am, however, interested in "smart contracts" and may invest some time trying to learn Solidity, which is the programming language that Ethereum uses for smart contracts.
  • Yoga – With an achy-lower back and chronic depression, yoga is a crucial part of my daily routine, along with meditation.

My goal for these coming years is to build my own personal Universal Basic Income and lately I've been considering creating a series of informational products to sell online. A couple years ago, I wrote my first eBook and was planning to write a series of them to sell on Amazon. However, I make about $20/mo from the combined sales from the eBook and audio book, and I do not trust Amazon.

So, I'm toying with idea of putting a significant amount of time into creating some online courses and eBooks to go along with them. I got a first-hand look into the process while working as a video editor for The Void Academy

I love what they're doing, creating courses that teach much-needed business skills to artists(check them out – there's some great free content on their site too). Ideally, I'd like to do something similar in that I'm creating something that feels honest and useful to people that I know.

I don't know how Void Academy is doing financially but they are continuing to put out great content, and so at least I have one solid model there.

In this age of precarity, choosing a business model for a new small business seems like a shot in the absolute dark. Possibly I just need to do more research. I'd like to create something that is useful to people. Therein lies

My challenge is to build something from the hobbies that I have and my interests in the nature of work, tech culture, and alternative networks of care. Or maybe not from these interests, but at least aligned with them.