Working for Free

So I'm going to start posting sections of the book that I'm working on which is titled, Don't Do What I Did: How to Make a Career in Film and Video.

The book is written to be a handbook for those starting out or considering a career in film and video production.

What follows is a section titled, "Working for Free", which is something that I actually haven't done for a while, since I've been editing a feature-length documentary, as well as writing my first book. I'm focusing more on creating my own content, as you can very well see, but if the right opportunity came along - working on a cool, worthwhile project with good people - I'd definitely consider it.

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Have been absolutely horrible about blogging the past few months due to work, work, and more work. Not that I have consistent readership(yet) that I'm letting down, but I still feel I've dropped the ball and this situation needs to be rectified immediately.


I promise I will blog more often. 

I promise I will blog more often.

I promise I wi-


Working on a new demo reel and I have a shiny, new list of production-related things to blog about.


Stay tuned. More to come.

Data Recovery on the Arri Alexa


I've been doing some tests recently and have come to two conclusions regarding recovering lost data from the SxS Pro cards to which the Arri Alexa records:

1) PhotoRec is an amazing piece of freeware. In the course of my tests I tried DiskDrill, DiskWarrior, FileSalvage, as well as TestDisk(also made by the creator of PhotoRec, both available for download here). Not only was PhotoRec the only program that yielded any retrieved video files, it retrieved whole cards worth and then some. Not bad for a free download.


2) There is no way you're getting back data from an SxS card recorded to by the Alexa if you erase the card using the "Erase SxS" option. The results I got using PhotoRec were possible only because the cards were formatted using the other formatting option on the camera, "Quick Format". If you choose Erase SxS, the camera writes a null data(read a bunch of zeroes) over the card and blanks the card for good. At that point, your only option is to send the offending cards into Arri.

Further confirmation of these findings can be found here, where Michael Borenstein, Digital Service Manager at Arri Inc., restates the above in a thread in the forums.

Michael Ballhaus Doc: "The Flying Eye"

Found this today.


From the video: "[Scorsese] hadn't made a film in 5 years. He kept trying to film Last Temptation and it never worked. And then friends offered him this film - and said 'Hey, Marty, can ya make a film for four million?' He said - 'ask Michael'."

Back for the First Time

In the future, I'm going to focus my posts more towards certain categories, such as, "DIY Filmmaker Resources", "People I'd Like to Meet", "How to Become a Cinematographer(my best guesses)", and "Great Sequences". Etc, etc, etc. For this post, a smattering of things, simply for the sake of getting back in the saddle and getting something up.

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Last weekend marked the beginning of the shoot for Departure, a short film written and directed by my friend, Coleman McClung, and DP'd by(my friend, as well) Ben Tubb.

I served as 2nd AC on the shoot.

Check out this pic by on-set photog, Bil Arscott.

Arri gear head. Schweet.